Tereza Kabůrková (born 1980) studied photography at the University of Applied Arts in Ústí nad Labem in the Czech Republic. Her work is, by its nature, closer to the paintings from the turn of the 20th century than to the current understanding of photography. She lives part of the year in the village in the mountainous Šumava region, where she wiles away her time almost as a Sunday painter. Her seriousness and intensity, however, bring to mind Modernist fight for the independence of art. She sometimes paints, sometimes draws, and as of late she takes pictures of simple objects (a chair, tables, windows) which she later prints in the studio in Prague. Kabůrková is a superb printer and enlarges photographs for many Czech artists – photographers, however, she likes to leave her own photographs just perfunctorily bare. She established her style and orientation already in her final BA project work, Krajinářství (Landscaping) and she continuos to develop it further. Kabůrková exhibited in group shows in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia and Great Britain, she also held several solo shows in the Czech Republic and Poland.