The paradox of getting to know things fascinates me – the further I go the more layers and horizons open before me.

Alena Kotzmannová’s photographic images always have two sides: one is that which we see at first glance. The other appears afterwards and inescapably counts on the deformation of time and space into which it mercilessly plunges itself. Even though it might appear so, we do not live in one world. And this is what always interested Alena Kotzmannová the most. Reality and its unreality. The deformation of experience. Ruptures in time, space and perception. Possibilities. Alena Kotzmannová has known for a long time now that photography leeches off reality. In her book, Cyclone, she has begun to explore, how it leeches off experience …

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  • ISBN 978-0-9565808-2-5
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